We knew more than I thought

Our host for the evening.

Ever diligent social media checker Elisabeth noted the Trivia Night scheduled in the Metropolitan Club by our Syracuse Mets baseball organization.

Yes, terrific daughter, retired guy dad will pick up our tickets.

Chilling out during a break.

Bonus! With the mind game came the opportunity to view the Triple A baseball contest at NBT Bank Stadium with the Mets taking on the Durham Bulls.

Game night came Tuesday with an intermittent drizzle and temperatures heading toward the 30s.

Georges Three and Two, Susan and I made it to the big, warm and dry gathering room to represent as All in the Family. I wished that dear wife Karen did not have to work her 3 to 11:30 p.m. shift. We know the more minds the better. Grand prize would be to choose a game this season to sit in a luxury suite, catered with food and beverages.

Tables were filled with 18 teams vying for the title.

Getting ready for their contest.

With food and drink available for purchase, we had way better conditions than the baseball players we could easily view through the closed windows or on the big TV screen behind the MC calling out eight rounds of eight questions each.

I used to know a lot more than I do now, I admit.

I did not ever know the answer to a lot of these general knowledge questions.

Fortunately, we put our heads together and sussed things out as a team named All in the Family should.

My big mouth caused us a few right answers. George Two knew better than me that Mickey Mantle’s rookie card sold for the most money, not Joe DiMaggio’s, and Wisconsin was the football team that played Minnesota for Paul Bunyan’s Axe, not Michigan. And yet Elisabeth wrote down my answers instead of his. Dagnabbit. But I did know that the train that arrives at the New York Mets’ Citi Field is the 7 Line! And that Clint Eastwood directed the movie <em>Million Dollar Baby</em>. Sue knew about the old TV show <em>Dallas</em>. Elisabeth jumped correctly at many music answers, dear daughter of mine. George Three knew his technology and science.

After four rounds, All in the Family was in 15th place out of 18.

After the conclusion, we’d gathered our wits and steam to finish in eighth place.

Looking from the outside back in at George Two and the trivia players.

Great night!

Here’s to trying something new.

Cold play.

The baseball players, meanwhile, seesawed back and forth through the cold. Durham won 9-8 in 10 innings and the temperature dipped to 37 degrees. That’s trivia game worthy in a future edition!


6 thoughts on “We knew more than I thought

  1. that sounds so fun and i haven’t done a trivia night in many years, but remember having a great time doing so. so good to have a team because each person has some areas where they are strong. sounds like you rallied for a good ending.


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