Time for your second year outside, fig tree

With a head start.

My fig tree whisperer friend John texted with the message that it was time for our fig to move from its first winter shelter inside our second bedroom to the great outdoors of our backyard.

Last year this baby started its life, planted carefully by John and lasting its first summer at our place after its predecessor did not live year one living out winter in our shed.

John has been grateful using our premises as another Central New York proving ground for his fig trees.

Meanwhile, John updated the progress of his great keep-one-in-the-ground experiment over at his place with a great texted photo.

Looking strong.

Let’s hope for a blooming summer for this fig tree not moved into his garage for the winter!


6 thoughts on “Time for your second year outside, fig tree

  1. here’s to the fig, may it return for many years. my cousin and I were talking about my Italian grandfather’s fig tree on easter. he said that he helped him move it and put it back every year


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