Signs at that end

Will it go round in circles …

With spring warming my soul, I ventured to the easternmost point of my shore of Onondaga Lake on my most recent walk.

Go ahead, enjoy it all.

I did not mind imagining that this retired guy could accomplish a lot on foot during spring, summer and fall.

13 thoughts on “Signs at that end

  1. I’m proud of you, Mark! We share common loves! Thank you for sharing the sign at the end. I’m a sign picture taker too. Almost every walk I’ve been there’s a sign pic to depict where I was! You did it! Have a blessed day, my friend! May your trails never cease!


      • You’re welcome, Mark! My platelets are up~treatment on the 13th. Hemoglobin won’t go above a 9. Red and white blood cells down. I’ll get a call today. Possible infusion to help me get stronger. It’s a trade off, my friend. My back is all messed up from years of injury, and now tumors,…new medicine (they’d rather medicate than get to “root” of issue). However, I understand they will not open me up or do any kind of surgery. I’m walking trails different now, Mark. I have a new iWatch, which my family requested, that I can call anyone as I keep it in my wrist always. It keeps track of my steps and I’m encouraged to keep walking…you’re encouraging me! I miss my lake trails but will try to get to a beautiful garden area and trail near me this week. Goals!! Stay safe, blessed, and moving forward my dear friend!


      • Aww…thank you, my friend. I’ve been watching my Cards play. I installed Fubo on my parents TV. Dad, in his 80’s, is struggling with technology. They call me each night as I remind them to go “home” on their remote, always. My Dad is in the Missouri Hall of Fame for fast pitch softball. He was considered one of the fastest men in the game. We laughed talking about the bases getting larger. His remote needs to be larger! The man can’t see due to inoperable macular degeneration! He always told me to “Shake it Off” when I played ball for 15 years! I grew up in the dirt, shaking it off,…Mark, I can’t stop now! Your friendship and support mean so much to me!!


      • Karla, I grew up watching fast pitch softball with my father. He didn’t play but he sure liked to watch it with me. One of the East Coast greats was a pitcher by the name of Eddie Feiner, considered royalty. He’d tour with a team called the King and His Court. Thank you for bringing back that memory from my Wayback! How cool that your dad is in the Hall of Fame!! Let’s all stand back up and shake it off from those inside pitches that make us dive into the dirt!! (I loved playing slow pitch softball, by the way, but haven’t picked up a glove in a while. During a Syracuse Mets stadium tour I did grab a bat in the underground cage and take a few swings and thought … ouch!)

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      • Mark! I know all about “King and His Court”! I’ll talk to Dad about it. They played at several tournaments. Dad played many Nationals and at the Summer Olympics one year! I love those memories. I played slow pitch after my career in fast pitch. I stuck out a lot getting used to the slow pitch. But it became so fun once i found my swing. They had me pitch too! I understand about swinging now! I’m considered a young pup, but this darn cancer and bone injuries won’t allow me to swing a bat or a golf club right now! Yes, let’s “shake it off”! I can feel the dive now!


      • I used to pitch sometimes for slow pitch, Karla. When we were young journalists here in Syracuse, we’d gather and play pickup games every Saturday afternoon, and then retire for relaxation and conversation at one or another local joint, beverages and chicken wings. This kept up for at least a decade! Anyway, I remember letting the ball go and saying to myself, don’t hit a liner back up the middle. Every pitch.
        You have as good a day as can be, Karla.

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      • What awesome memories, Mark! Those are the best! And yes, I said the same thing to myself for years! Lol! Now the girls wear helmets, for good reason. I got to write today and it felt so great (even though my back doesn’t!). I hope your day has been amazing!


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