Tell me about it

Here’s what’s going on.

Jason Smorol knows how to introduce a season.

Dick Scott will manage the Syracuse Mets in 2023. Fans could see a handful of blooming stars before they’re called to produce for the big league New York Mets.

Dollar Thursday brings a bit of a bump in prices for hot dogs and beer, but it’s still a great deal at two bucks for dogs and three bucks for a brew. (I agree.)

Our group of four whooped a bit at the mention of Boozy Sunday in the Metropolitan Club. A food spread, Mimosas and a whiskey drink could make us happy. Jason admitted they borrowed the idea from the Class A Brooklyn Cyclones. Sounds like a winner to us! We so much enjoyed the food and drink put out in the room for Mother’s Day last season.

Many opinions for Todd Zeile.

Former Met Todd Zeile followed with a report and answered questions about how he thinks this season for the big Mets and Triple A squad could go.

A good time was had by us.


7 thoughts on “Tell me about it

  1. Mark,

    Bump in prices results of post pandemic gauging under the disguise of inflation!
    Looks like a great start to the organization up there.


  2. The last time I was in a group with a similar interest was in a crowded dentist office two weeks ago waiting for my husband to have a tooth pulled. 😦
    Not a good time for anybody …. except the doctor.


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