Too early for opening day tickets

No signs of sellers.

I’ll go to the stadium, this retired guy offered to terrific daughter Elisabeth after deciding that it looked as if the Syracuse Mets had put tickets for Opening Day 2023 on sale while I’d been adjusting to having this weekday time on my hands.

But when I arrived at NBT Bank Stadium at the 10 a.m. offseason opening time listed on the team’s website, all windows were closed tight.

Mets workers were glad to help me inside the team offices, though. The designated ticker person came to the visitor greeting booth and punched my name into the system. Up my information popped, and I handed over the six coupon vouchers I wanted to turn into tickets for the April 4 game.

He looked at me a bit confused.

What season flex plan did I want?

That’s what’s available now, he explained. Single game tickets first go on sale the morning of the open house, Saturday, March 4.

My bad.

I’ll be back then to get our opening day tickets.


8 thoughts on “Too early for opening day tickets

    • I’m also checking the TV program guide to make sure I record the first spring training game televised for the big Mets to get that green field effect, Bruce. Hey, you have so much to look forward to with the Phils this season. The NL East is going to be a beast!!

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