Happy installation

I almost forgot this important update …

Found: a Liverpool company that decided to hook up the gas line and finish the installation of the new dryer, too.

Yes, indeed, Charles Plumbing, Heating and Electric.

It is nice, indeed, to have the new washer and dryer taking care of our laundering needs in our own basement after a stint of laundromat drying.

16 thoughts on “Happy installation

  1. I really get how this is exciting, we appreciate more of the little things as we experience life. and I just found a great charity that will pick up my bed set and donate it


  2. I’m happy for you! 🙂 Our fun laundry issue is getting laundry done before the ground gets a touch cold. We do not have rough winters here in middle Tennessee but when they put the line in for the washer they placed it up higher in the ground so it freezes easily. Water returns to the laundry and floods quicker than I can get to it to turn it off. We have work to do! Enjoy not going to the laundromat :)Jen


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