Fallow time

Resting mode. From my neighborhood walks in spring, summer and even fall, I have no doubt that this suburban front yard garden can return with some oomph when the months march past with me.

Quite an imposing marker

On guard. So not everybody in the neighborhood follows the instructions to put these new big garbage and recycling containers out the night before collection and wheel them back in after they’re emptied, I notice on my retirement month stroll.

Cold as ice

Careful on the corners … Walking the neighborhood blocks during my retirement month can lead to some slippery discoveries even when the lawns are bare. When the temperatures fall below freezing, puddles, they do go icy.

Can’t mistake a January sky

Toward the lake from the next block over. As I walk just because I want to walk during my retirement month, I decide that there’s something about a January sky that is unmistakeable. Perhaps the chill nipping at my cheeks and fingers has something to do with my mind set?

Enjoying the Songbirds as a music fan

Together they soar. The Songbirds filled my heart with joy as my first concert at the library as a music-lover-only. Without my communications specialist camera duties of the past years attached, my dear wife Karen accompanied me to appreciate the individual and collective cool of Johanna Jewitt, Maureen Henesey and Conna Colton in the Liverpool…

No outdoor hoops today

Not the current jam. My retirement month neighborhood stroll discovers an outdoor basketball game gone sideways. Can’t say I blame the players for deciding January is a month for other pursuits. Or maybe the wind made the decision for them?

Mid-January neighborhood signs

Not just in our backyard. A retirement month stroll around our neighborhood blocks allows me to leisurely take notice of greens, browns, grays and yellows It’s all right for this month in my part of the world.

Working out my next-chapter brain

It’s all up to me. When people hear it’s your retirement month, they ask a lot of questions. It usually boils down to: What’s your plan? Frankly, the favorite phrase I’ve come up so far has been <em>frivolous writing</em>. I know I like to type type type and see how the words fire out from…

Celebrating with friends at Il Limone

Personal to me. We decided this special lunch for library friends would take place at a newish Italian restaurant/pizzeria in Liverpool, Il Limone. My choice, having thoroughly enjoyed the finger foods they’d contributed in December for our staff holiday party, but never yet having set foot in the place proper. Fine atmosphere, indeed. Fantastic choice,…