Enjoying the Songbirds as a music fan

Together they soar.

The Songbirds filled my heart with joy as my first concert at the library as a music-lover-only.

Without my communications specialist camera duties of the past years attached, my dear wife Karen accompanied me to appreciate the individual and collective cool of Johanna Jewitt, Maureen Henesey and Conna Colton in the Liverpool Public Library’s Carman Community Room to kick off the Women’s Voices Series on Sunday, Jan. 15.

A beautiful afternoon it was as they thoroughly entertained the filled space of happy listeners.

OK, I don’t have the fancy library camera nor the privilege of working my way to best sight lines anymore, but my iPhone and YouTube page are just fine with me. Hope you agree.

You’re the man, Sam.

Happy moments included Songbirds sound man Sam Patterelli reluctantly agreeing to saunter up to the stage for a turn on his non-primary instrument harmonica — Central New York knows him well for his bass-playing ways with Colton’s band The Troublemakers — during he and Colton’s wedding song.

The band members told everybody to keep and eye out on their social media for further news of their May show at the way-cool Homer Center for Performing Arts, a date set aside to honor the music of Linda Ronstadt. Indeed.


4 thoughts on “Enjoying the Songbirds as a music fan

  1. how wonderful and what a great show. your library really is a great community center. you have so much talent all around you, and glad you could just enjoy the show.

    I know that feeling you’re describing, when I left advertising, it was so different to go to a movie without having to worry about the audience, the film breaking, the critic’s bad experience, and all the follow up. I could just sit and enjoy the movie at last and it was wonderful and very freeing.


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