Celebrating with friends at Il Limone

Personal to me.

We decided this special lunch for library friends would take place at a newish Italian restaurant/pizzeria in Liverpool, Il Limone.

My choice, having thoroughly enjoyed the finger foods they’d contributed in December for our staff holiday party, but never yet having set foot in the place proper.

Fine atmosphere, indeed.

Fantastic choice, it was.

I went for the personal pizza. It came with eight slices, as big as a large pie at OIP, the Liverpool place that currently sits at No. 1 on my takeout list.

I was able to eat half and take home the rest for a meal the next day. It was cheesy, saucy, just crusty enough. I will be eating pizza from Il Limone with my dear wife Karen, terrific daughter Elisabeth and fantastic fiance George Three so we can hold a rating party.

My colleagues all-chose a non-pizza dish, and all raved of their selections.

Portions, plentiful. The dishes were delicious. OK, we’ll have to go back at least twice!

The server allowed us plenty of space to chat and laugh.

We were celebrating, you see.

Saying so long.

Turning the page.

January has been my retirement month. I have no more days to punch in on the library computers with them come morning.

Gotcha? I buried the lead on purpose! I’m retired and I can do what I want to.

We talked of our good times over the years. Laughed. They asked me about days and months and the future beyond for me. I pontificated as they knew I could and would, and laughed some more. I was proud that I did not cry.

Tomorrow you will hear more from a guy thinking of this and that in his retirement month.


15 thoughts on “Celebrating with friends at Il Limone

  1. I am so sorry I missed this incredible news! Congratulations Mr. Mark!
    I know how you enjoyed the library and coworkers but taking time for you now is what it’s all about! They will miss you. But now it’s Mr. Mark’s new chapter!


  2. Mark, I’m over elated about your retirement! I must admit, that huge cheesy slice of goodness nearly hanging off the table distracted me (I’m going to have pizza tomorrow) and then your pics and the news of your retirement took me from craving to wanting to crash the party (even if at a distance and I know NO one, lol). I know without a doubt you will be missed and what a bittersweet time. I’m so happy to be here at your place and getting a “taste” of what’s to come. Welcome to the rest of your life, Mark! 💚


  3. Congratulations on making it to your retirement today!! FYI–Mardi Gras is Feb 21st, and the parades have started. Come on down for some Cajun Carnival and start your retirement with a few parades and parties. Always room at the homestead for you and your Dear Wife Karen!


  4. Wo! You made it …. CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy a well deserved retirement. When you get old and think of Florida, let me know. (Oh, and that pizza looks awesome.)


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