Flying by and standing still

Lance, me and Craig.

Some folks in this life you meet and the friendship just sticks.

Lance messaged me via Facebook a few weeks ago with the very good news that he and his wife Anne would be in town to visit family, which includes his brother-in-law Craig, happily married for a good, long time to his sister, Martha.

Up for a lunch reunion?

You betcha.

As the easy conversation ran round the table of Village of Liverpool restaurant The Retreat, I was surprised to recall that Lance left the big daily in the mid-80s, first moving to work in Albany then quickly relocating to the San Francisco area. We’d shared the same big daily life for only a couple of years, I marveled. Craig left not that long after, not this area, but to start his own business.

And yet the conversation fell right into place. Easy. Happy. Full of old names and new dreams.

Right after I texted the photo above to our common friend KP, often written about in this blog, down in his Atlanta home. He was surprised to hear of the reunion, I immediately took it from the photo I got back.

You’re with who!

Yes, I love my friends.


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