Happy holiday to all

Looks like a peaceful place to linger.

A good holiday feeling came over me as I watched the sun rise over Onondaga Lake.

Nice early morning sky, I thought. Comforting.

May you experience the joy of the day with those you love.


17 thoughts on “Happy holiday to all

  1. Thank you sir. Beautiful pic Mark. I am sure youโ€™re keeping warm during this cold time. Even down here in the Sunshine State it was in the 20s last night. I wish that you and your family are well and enjoying the holidays too . Christmastime in Syracuse was always my favorite part of the year!


    • Happy holidays, Mike. You and I got together during this time of year often, and I think of you during the holidays with a big smile, my friend. Stay warm in FLA! Best wishes to you and the family.


  2. Merry Christmas and happy Holidaze to everyone!


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