Wintering our second fig tree

Yes, there’s a tree under there.

We decided this fig tree is staying inside this winter.

After last year’s special delivery from friend John didn’t make it through winter one in our shed, my dear wife Karen and I thought our second downstairs bedroom was the likely choice for the replacement tree that we nurtured from baby to toddler to teen in its first year in our backyard.

John told us this, too, is a grand experiment. His have wintered inside his attached garage … except for the ones he actually put in the ground this summer. (But that big leap is a whole other big leap of faith for the fig master.)

Anyway, his advice for teen fig was to cover it to let it know it was dormant winter season even though it would be in the warm house.

I think it looks Charlie Brown, who goes as a Halloween ghost and gets a rock.

6 thoughts on “Wintering our second fig tree

  1. If you go into that room tonight
    You’re sure of a big surprise
    For from beneath its silken tent
    The fig tree will arise

    Into each draw the fig will sneak
    And have a teeny tiny peek
    For tonight’s the night
    Ficus carica have their picnic


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