Welcome to the club

Inside shopping.

The Syracuse Mets took their annual garage sale indoors this year.

Instead of placing the tables full of gear-and-such on the concourse, they set the sale up inside the Metropolitan Club.

That set up a mad dash of fans to look and buy.

Holy shirt!

The real jerseys pulled in lots of people.

Proceeds of the sales of these went to local charitable organizations.

Price tag: $75 for a jersey worn in a game by a Syracuse Met.

I did not have that much cash in my pocket, and didn’t want to charge anything.

Instead I left with a photo of any opening day from the times when the club was tied to another big-league squad and went by the name of the Syracuse Chiefs. George Three was a fan back then. My plan was to give it to him and Elisabeth and maybe they’ll hang in in their new house’s basement …


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