Leaning toward lights

Ready for placement.

My recent pre-work stroll at Onondaga Lake Park revealed a lot more lights ready for placement as October marches toward the Nov. 15 opening date for Lights on the Lake 2022.

I just looked. No walking dates to start if off this year, again. There goes my official photo opportunities. I’ll have to plan another way to get passable photos for here.

You know I don’t want to actually drive through the event. Walking has spoiled me for that forever.

15 thoughts on “Leaning toward lights

  1. The early strolls were great, and if the weather was nice it seemed like everyone was there. I was a part of the festivities on each opening night for years, with Nick, Joannie, and Commissioner Bill Lansley, but my favorite times were driving through with our kids, annually from when they were tikes to college, and we had a load of laughs during those drives. Absolutely go before 4:30 at dusk and you’ll get some shots. Yet, knowing your photography skills, I am sure you’ll be able to snap a few great pics if you tried the drive! I am looking forward to seeing.


  2. The ticket revenue is for a good cause but driving through (with a car full) doesn’t sound as fun as walking through. I can imagine a traffic cop, “Keep it moving folks. You’re holding up the rest.”
    Not being cynical. Traditions are made to be broken or updated. Will look for your pictures next month. 🙂


    • The walking nights were great, ladysighs, but of course, COVID canceled those and now they’ve found a different way to start off the tradition. I’ll sneak down before just before they close the path at 4:30 when it’s all set up. That’s the time they shoo away all walkers.


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