Take them out to the ball game

Major-league view.

After all the Syracuse Mets games we’ve gone to together, I was thrilled that terrific daughter Elisabeth and fiance George took in a major-league Blue Jays-Tigers game during their trip to Toronto.

That photo of the Rogers Center with the roof open is a winner.

New merch.

Of course George bought her a shirt so she would fit in with the crowd. Nice!

Canadian rules?

My daughter wondered why they were warming up by throwing around a football. Yeah, why?

11 thoughts on “Take them out to the ball game

  1. The CN Tower has a small part glass floor… I stood on it for a few seconds, looked down and I started to shake. Frightened the heck out of me. That’s when I discovered I had a bit of acrophobia. No problem for my kids … they were laughing and dancing on the glass floor.


  2. Mark, I think sometimes they throw the football around because a) they used to play it and b) it breaks up the routine from tossing baseballs around all day and night. Now if they put on pads, then I’d be worried! That stadium is on the “sports tour” bucket list. Never been there but always enjoyed watching games there when the roof is open.


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