The double yolk’s on us

Socially distanced eggs, said the farmer.

Never had I ever heard of the super egg.

Until George Three’s mom Sue bought her two half-dozen and sent me over to take photos at the Regional Market and learn about them.

Huge they are.

I think I’d be really surprised to find an over-easy over-easy on my breakfast plate!! Two yolks in one white would be hard to get used to. Quite a three-egg omelet, I suppose!

16 thoughts on “The double yolk’s on us

  1. I do not recall ever seeing these before, primarily because if I had seen them “socially distanced” like that I am sure I would have remembered. That being said, I usually have at least a couple eggs at a time so they’ll work!


  2. For years I would only eat the white of egg. If any of that yellow stuff ran into it, the whole thing was thrown away. 😦

    And about those carrots you posted yesterday …. I chose macaroni and cheese as my vegetable for years. 😦

    I was way into my 30’s before I knew what I was missing. 😉


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