So much tasty Polish food

A festival of tasty.

The family did indeed return for our annual visit to the big Polish shindig in Syracuse’s Clinton Square this year.

We were quite thrilled, in fact, that we could stock up on our beloved food from the Utica Polish Community Club without having to make the drive east to Utica.

See all that food on the table between my dear wife Karen, terrific daughter Elisabeth and fantastic fiance George Three above? Somehow I decided I could carry it from their food tent to the eating tent, all in my arms.

Karen took some from me after one small whoopsie.

No dropping was involved, but you will not see a photo of me and the slight(?) cabbage-roll-sauce spill on the front of my hoodie.


We had a grand time. It included a walk around downtown after that feast. I kept my phone and it’s usual photo-taking spree in my pocket, opting instead for great conversation and storytelling. I may have shared my general feelings from the days of decades past when I strolled those same streets to report on events for the big daily. The phrase King of Syracuse may have passed over my lips. OK, we did enjoy two beers before leaving the Polish Fest grounds …

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