Newbies for 2022

Purple roses.

Thanks to terrific daughter Elisabeth and wonderful fiancé George, my dear wife Karen was gifted with two new plants for us to enter into our backyard gardens this season.

Pink rhodendrons.

Needing my shovel work are a purple rose plant, to take the place of one that did not make it over the past winter, and a lovely second rhododendron to mark last year’s visit to the grand festival on Cape Cod.

Thank you, family!

12 thoughts on “Newbies for 2022

  1. Looks like great gifts, Mark
    -and funny because both of these are ones I never grow –
    I have never had much luck with roses or rhododendron and found others (like rose of Sharon – and snowball bush) that do much better in the ground around here – and for other things I use containers


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