Fair game

Behind the scenes.

If a batter pulls the ball down the line and it manages to hit this orange contraptionin front of me, it’s a home run.

Fair ball, will scream or moan the crowd depending upon if it’s a hometown Syracuse Met or opposing Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRider who smacked the shot. Then how come they call it the foul pole?

13 thoughts on “Fair game

  1. So if the ball hits the foul pole, ricochets of the outfield fence then lands back in the field behind the foul pole is that called “pole dancing”? Inquiring minds want to know . . .


  2. Some people consider orange a foul color, although I think it looks very fine on the Mets’ uniforms. But it’s also the color of warning signs and traffic cones and pumpkins, and you know what they say about when the frost is on the pumpkin: it means baseball season is over.


  3. Interesting, Mark! If it hits it’s a homer! A slight curve a foul!? I guess that’s easier to determine than a chalked line! I so wanted to go to the game this afternoon~and the winds of 40 mph,combined with my allergies, is making it a loss for me! But I’m cheering at home! Have a blessed day and week, Mark!


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