Hello, first green sprouts of our almost-spring

Hello, green buddies!

Returning back to our front yard after a St. Patrick’s Day post-work walk around the neighborhood with cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle, fitting green for the day popped into my view.

On this unseasonably warm pre-spring day of a degree shy of 70 in Central New York, our first green sprouts of 2022 had bursted their way for that first gulp of fresh air in our gardens.

Surrounding the tiny box.

Yes, I did have to rush out back to see if any had appeared there as well.

Make it March 17 for this year’s green burst arrival.

Not too shabby.

13 thoughts on “Hello, first green sprouts of our almost-spring

  1. Spring is definitely springing forth. Much farther south where I am yesterday’s sign of spring was a garter snake out sunning itself on a rock, which I found pretty funny for St. Patrick’s Day.


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