Big, tasty food at Brewer Union Cafe

Simple, easy, delicious stuff inside.

It’s an easy drive up to Brewerton if you’re in the market for a biscuit as big as you’re head.

Terrific daughter Elisabeth chose the Brewer Union Cafe as the restaurant stop this time around for her, hubby-to-be George Three and my dear wife Karen and I.

Plenty for breakfast.

Elisabeth called ahead from the car after we left the Syracuse Mets’ annual open house around 11 a.m. on a Saturday.

When we arrived in our car, she said she’d been told we could walk right in.


Nice looking joint, I thought.

Elisabeth and George both went for the Cowboy Breakfast. Karen chose the Chicken and Waffles. I decided to Build My Own Breakfast.

Big food all over the plate.

The Cowboy Breakfast, I thought, would fill the tummies of a bunkhouse full of wranglers. The gravy-covered plate-topper is a biscuit!

Elisabeth and George both approved.

Culinary combo.

Karen said the chicken and waffles were just what she had hoped for when she ordered.

All for me? I know I can’t.

Ready for the start of the adventure?

Now for my build a breakfast journey.

I went last, waitress with pad in one hand and pencil in other.

Eggs and toast, over easy, wheat.


Pancakes. Can you please bring sugar-free syrup with the pancakes? Don’t have it. Scrap the pancakes. Biscuit.

Fresh fruit bowl.

My fruit and biscuit came out five, six, more minutes before the eggs and sausage. Everybody else was eating I sliced a bit off the biscuit and spooned a few berries.

My second plate arrived with the server’s explanation that the chef had redone it because he did not like the way the eggs had looked in the first try.

I dived in on the sausage and eggs.

George waved to me and pointed to the toast crust. Green mold.

Back went that plated. Rye toast this time, please?

OK, tasty was most of my third plate, though all three of us who had a sausage patty thought it to be a bit bland.

When the bill arrived, I had been comped my meal, and a gargantuan cinnamon roll in a to-go carrier had been added.

They know how to treat their customers.

I, in turn, tipped as if I had been charged for all the items we had received, and at a generous percentage as service warranted.

Long live big food.

15 thoughts on “Big, tasty food at Brewer Union Cafe

  1. You have manners and you showed class in your response. We have had similar issues and I always tip on what it would have been before the comp. Life is full of mistakes and at least they finally got it right.


  2. Big food is a wonderful thing but I’m especially happy that the cook spent extra time to get your eggs just right. Although I think I’d order the poutine so I’d be poutine it in my mouth.


  3. something exciting about big food, and I like how the restaurant took care of issues as they arose. as a former server, caterer, and bartender, I appreciate your tip thoughtfulness


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