I’ll think about this Mets team

My squad is at the window already.

When my dear wife Karen and I arrived at NBT Bank Stadium a few minutes before our agreed-upon meeting time of 10 a.m. Saturday, I texted daughter Elisabeth a hey-ho.

Before hearing a reply-ding, I saw her waving from the front of the box office line.

She and hubby-to-be George Three had gotten there early enough to be first up when the windows were opened.

One month away, had to believe.

They walked away with our tabletop seats for Opening Day for our Syracuse Mets, 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 5, vs. the Scranton/Wiles-Barre RailRiders.

With the major-league owners and players arguing about the labor contract agreement needed to make their season a reality, I’ll be posting photos from the Triple-A open house for a stretch here to fill my needs. Appreciate, not, comment as you see fit.

17 thoughts on “I’ll think about this Mets team

  1. There’s something special about local ball teams and even with the snow that park looks like the perfect place to watch a game. Although I think the Scranton/Wiles-Barre RailRiders need to be penalized for having that many names.


  2. We’ll always love baseball in spite of MLB owners. For them, it’s a business. For us, it’s a great game, I think none better. I enjoy just watching kids play.

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  3. Despite the issues, there’s nostalgia and memories to be made at the ball field. I grew up on one and still love it. Now,…major players, get your act together! 😜


  4. wow, you have your own team of ticket buyers, i like how your family works! i’m excited for all of you and i love reading about minor league games of course. what’s your feeling about when the majors will settle?


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