My wife has many hobbies

A quick request from Karen.

The new store in nearby mall Destiny USA was calling my dear wife Karen’s name.

Yes, of course we’ll take our first trip inside Hobby Lobby.

Michael’s, a fantastic store to fuel her passions — and a place I liked to roam the aisles with her — has closed its Destiny USA doors in the COVID-19 live shopping complex revolving door.

Inside entry.

After our six-people in the theater movie date for a matinee showing of Licorice Pizza — you remember going to the movies, right?! — and a fruitless search to secure me some late-winter-season shoes, we took the inside route.

My eyes bugged out. Not really. But almost.

Hobby Lobby was jam-packed with stuff.

I found it much more intimidating to wander than Michael’s.

Karen found her fabric markers, after asking a kind worker to help point out the right aisle out of what seemed to me to be at least 100.

For my needs, I’m glad there’s a stand-alone Michael’s still, up on Erie Boulevard, just a handful of miles away.

16 thoughts on “My wife has many hobbies

  1. Hobby Lobby helped plaster my walls with words when I sold the RV last year and moved into a stick and brick again; with nothing. I like plain walls. But I love words and love SALES. I “hit” them at a 50% off wall decor; that’s when I love them the most. My twin and I took my niece to see “Dog” on Saturday. It wasn’t relatable to them; and although she is 27, her special abilities keep her at about a 14 year old level–it was not appropriate for her. My bad. The last movie I had seen before then was “Call of the Wild” with Harrison Ford–that was 2 years ago. It was strange going back into a theater. Sadly, they didn’t have enough help. It showed. But I still love getting lost in the screen. I want to see Licorice Pizza! Take care, Mark!! Sorry to ramble on here!


    • So much for me to digest here, and my space is yours for rambling always, Karla! I can picture the sayings from Hobby Lobby inspiring your new place. Good shopping! Yes, I’ve noticed some places suffering from lack of back-to-workers as we return to public spaces (masked still for me, wary as I am of the virus though fully vaccinated). The trailers for ‘Dog’ have not inspired a viewing for me. Sorry to hear you didn’t think it was a good fit for your special niece once you were there. Yes, you should see Licorice Pizza, it was a great one to get lost in the screen with! Have a good Wednesday!

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      • Thank you for your thoughtful response to my ramblings! Yes, “Dog” disappointed! It’s definitely not “My Dog Skip!” I’m captured at home with 20 degrees and expected sleet. I’m working on a new project for kids. But I feel that it’s a music day. I just have to have those days too! Of course, a book, too! I hope you are having a great week! Stay safe!


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