Village view

Pretty back to the community.

On my pre-work morning stroll, I don’t forget where I must return. And I think that’s not so bad.

12 thoughts on “Village view

    • It behooves me to think about horseshoes when I hear or use the word behooves, ladysighs. The footwear, not the game, necessarily. Now your observational powers have me singing in my head Bobby Darin’s classic ‘Somewhere … beyond the sea!” Love that song. Been known to try it out at karaoke when the presenter has really old songs.

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      • Yes, I’m all ears, ladysighs! My karaoke turns are carefully unrecorded performances. Except for that one time during the golf trip when my friend unbeknownst to me captured my turn on ‘Mack the Knife’ on his phone … The next day he played it in front of the whole group at the lunch table and one of the other players, dear tone-deaf fellow, looked at me honestly and said, I’d buy that!

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