I see a mulching mow in my future

Still up there.

Usually when I mow the lawn at this time in November, I’m considering that it might be the last time I have to pull the mower out of the shed for the season.

Everywhere I looked.

Taking in the whole picture as I passed over the grass this weekend, I notice all the leaves still up on the surrounding trees.

Front and back, full.

And thought down on the lawn those leaves must come. Mulching/bagging mow to come, or leave them lie ’til spring.

That I will ponder.

Ready for the next happening.

Now, though, my dear wife Karen and I piled up the patio furniture and covered it for the winter.

Anytime now where we live.

And, yes, up from the basement came the shovels, one placed in the front alcove to be used on the walk and driveway, the other on the side covered alcove to clear that and the back deck.

Yes, snow can and has been the natural force to finally knock down those stubborn leaves. Just saying.

13 thoughts on “I see a mulching mow in my future

  1. Doing the same here in northeaster Illinois. Too many leaves in the trees for my comfort. Need ‘em to fall before it snows or it’s a mess in the spring. But I am enjoying the sunshine and the warm afternoons and cool evenings. Have a great day. Peace.

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