The pomp builds at Beaver Stadium

Stripeout, explained.

The best way get the point of the Penn State stripeout game across is to show it.

Blue section, white section, repeat.

My dear wife Karen received a text midweek from Penn State urging that the tickets we’d bought from a season ticketholder were in the BLUE section.

Yes, we did wear blue to fit in. (I wore my Cape Cod Sex Drugs Lobster Rolls T because it was the perfect shade or navy while Karen bought a Nittany Lions T during the week.)

Hello, blimp.

The game was broadcast on ABC. The Goodyear blimp hovered overhead most of the evening.

Best use of smartphones?

When the Penn State squad ran to the field, 100,000 fans held their phones aloft using their flashlight amp while fireworks exploded from the top of the stadium.

Yes, big. In every way.

13 thoughts on “The pomp builds at Beaver Stadium

  1. Great photos, bro. Mark. I spent a couple of hours talking with my Aunt Marie while she gave me an occasional update on the Kentucky/LSU game. Didn’t wait for the end but at half time Kentucky was ahead. I can’t remember a time when I really had much to say about football except that they should give each of the players a ball and a few feet of ground where they could play with it, but for some reason my aunt couldn’t find anything else to watch on TV. OK, to each his own. Glad you and Karen had a good time. And of course you know Kentucky colors are blue and white.


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