So many tailgaters at Penn State

Lot 12 of many.

Walk two miles from Karen’s home base in State College to Beaver Stadium for the Penn State football game against Indiana U?

They’re having fun!

We left at 3:30, plenty of time to take in the sights of the pretty homes before we got to the university proper, and those parked cars and partying people. Thousands and thousands of cars and tens of thousands of people.

Foot style.

Karen and I sat right down on a hall for our own private party with a couple of beverages I’d lugged in a plastic bag filled with ice.


They like stripes. And flags.

Party people were celebrating the fact that this was a stripe out game. You’ll see the full effect when I get to my post inside the stadium later this week. Anyway, Karen and I will be in a blue stripe.

My Maryland!

I was excited to see somebody flying a Maryland flag. I got close but did not see any mention of my Terrapin squad.

There’s Beaver Stadium!

The closer it got to game time, the bigger the stadium got in our march toward the gates …

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