Still feels like the Carrier Dome

Hello, new lid.

We’ve been hearing about that new roof and center-of-the-field video board for a whole darn year now.

I did enjoy seeing them for myself on Saturday.

As much as the profile of the non-air-supported roof changed the skyline outside, the inside profile didn’t look that different to me. The center of the roof looks familiar and lets in natural light that reminded me of the Teflon roof of the first 40 years.

I was skeptical of the way-wide shape of the video board when we first sat down, I must admit. But as the afternoon wound on, it won me over. Hooray, center board.

I tell you, what, though. The new sound system? I still could not understand a word from the PA announcer, the referee talking about penalties …

Yes, we did.

As we looked around through our eyes above our masks, I figured that about, oh, seven out of 10 people also wearing their masks when they were not eating or drinking, including all the folks in the two rows below us. In the rows immediately above us, hardly anybody wore a mask.

Yeah, in the sections around us and as I walked the concourse during halftime, seven out of 10 people were wearing a mask.

Will that keep this from being a superspreader? Oh how I hope so.

9 thoughts on “Still feels like the Carrier Dome

  1. A grocery store (big chain in my town) tore down old store and rebuilt a new version. IMHO an absolute disaster. Others have said the same to me. I doubt that they ever asked one customer for input before the renovation. You can’t stop progress but seems you can make it go backwards.

    We all can’t be vaccine and mask experts. But we can try to seek out and read and listen to experts. We have been asked so little: Get the vaccine and wear a mask. If you hate doing it to protect strangers, at least do it to protect family. Not to do this? Well the stupidity passeth all my understanding.

    Sorry, I know comments should just be something like, “Good post.”


  2. unfortunate with all the upgrades that the sound system didn’t perform better. hopefully everything else works well, including the masking and it sounds like most people were on board with safety precautions.


    • Yeah I’m worried about masking obviously, Beth. They are saying ushers etc. will be more vigilant this week reminding folks to mask up. We’ll see how that goes. The sound, well, it is still a tough building acoustically I guess.

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