No, I won’t forget where I was when the plane hit the tower

Different workplace, same sad look.

Twenty years ago.

It seems as if Sept. 11, 2001 was yesterday, that morning when I sat at my desk in the big daily and we newspaper folk heard and saw that first emergency alert break into the always-on TVs peppered throughout the newsrooms.

We watched, listened, couldn’t believe it, had to believe it, were forced to work, talk to people, craft stories, collect all that horror and disbelief and make some sort of sense for the next morning’s paper. Well, take it all in and turn it into stories and photographs, anyway.

Twenty years later I still can’t quite wrap my mind around the loss of life from the falling towers and the fact that somebody, somewhere, other human beings planned it and prepared it and made it happen.


So sorry and horrified I still am, 20 years later.

17 thoughts on “No, I won’t forget where I was when the plane hit the tower

  1. What evil must be in the hearts of those who wish to take innocent lives. Our brains are so full of constant information overload, so packed to capacity these twenty years later, but we can’t forget what happened to that day.


  2. Some things are meant to never be forgotten. How we remember events is the important part.
    Eight months ago something happened that many are telling us to forget and move on. Like it was nothing.
    We survived 9/11. I hope we survive January 6,2021.

    I like your happy faces better.


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