Ava can’t resist a nip

Just a small bite.

My terrific daughter Elisabeth took a trip to experience a sunflower field.

She brought some home.

Ava liked this one.

Notice the tender little bite.

Must have been tasty for the cat.

10 thoughts on “Ava can’t resist a nip

    • Well I grabbed today off from the library for an early start to a four-day weekend, Karla, and will play golf with my buddy this afternoon so A-OK on the right coast! May the holiday weekend bring great things to you and yours Missouri-way.

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      • Thank you, Mark! I pulled out my clubs this year thinking I would get back into my golf {I miss it~grew up with Dad golfing and softball}. But even better….MUCH better…I’m headed to Alaska next week to see the best views in the world-my grandkids! One tiny girl named Ainsley Grace who just joined brother, Asher, on August 22nd. 🙌🏻💛 stay safe and blessed my friend!


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