Ray Brothers BBQ serves us well

Pulled pork, hot links.

We and the kids decided it was time to visit the Ray Brothers BBQ, the increasingly famous joint out in Madison County.

It was worth the post-work drive for my dear wife Karen and I

Three of us were definitely satisfied with the pulled pork, served Carolina style with cole slaw mixed right in. George Tree went with his face, hot links, a heaping helping of their on-the-spot-smoked sausage.

With sides for the platter, much to eat.

All the platters come with fantabulous cornbread. I loved my sweet potato fries, and, being a true slaw fan, got a second cup of that as my second side. Karen’s cucumber salad and dirty potato salad were both yummy. I tasted. The dirty potato salad signifies that they add some of their rub. Yup.

I think the big restaurant on plenty of land (we ate inside but there is plenty of outdoor seating out back, where they also hold concerts) holds its own with Onondaga County’s Limp Lizards joints, and the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.

12 thoughts on “Ray Brothers BBQ serves us well

  1. Beautiful pics and family, Mark. It reminds me EXACTLY of a place in Branson, MO (one of my favorite BBQ joints) called “Gettin’ Basted”! From the platters, the serving size, and the food itself! Yum!


  2. Decisions are often hard to make. One must consider alternatives and consequences. All parties must be involved. Sleeping on it is a must.

    But seeing the happy faces leads one to believe the decision to visit Ray Brothers BBQ was made in less than 5 minutes.


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