A happy holiday at our friend’s lake house

Fantastic spot for the Fourth.

Our wonderful friend Gloria decided we were moving through COVID-19 enough for her to invite folks over to her extremely fantastic place in our world for a Fourth of July party.

Great spot to reflect.

This lake is a free minutes short of a half-hour’s drive from our house just outside of Syracuse.

Great house as well.

My dear wife Karen and I are in complete agreement that Gloria chose well when she picked this place as her spot.

The fact that she chooses to invite so many friends that we worked with at the big daily for decades, well, that makes this Fourth shindig filled with food, beverages and great conversation a bright spot in the summer, indeed.

So much to remember and recap.

Conversation was so easy, indeed.

Happy holiday to us.

One of the crew will have his book published at the end of this month. We promised to meet in early August at the book signing event to celebrate John O’Brien’s accomplishment. I promise to write more and provide links in a future post.

We love a parade.

Thank you, Gloria, for bringing us together at your lovely house on the lake.

8 thoughts on “A happy holiday at our friend’s lake house

  1. What a gorgeous lake! And such fun for all of you to gather with old friends in such a beautiful place.
    I’m happy you had a lovely 4th of July.
    Happy Tuesday, Mr. Mark!


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