Dialed back, it’s still Festival season

Crawfish Festival

Waiting for the shellfish.

The held the Crawfish Festival at the Syracuse Inner Harbor on Saturday.

It was very different than the rollicking parties my dear wife Karen and I have attended in Clinton Square before COVID-19 wiped everything out for 2020.

No live music. No beer tents. No impromptu dancing.

Crawfish Festival

Yes to a food truck rodeo to join the crawfish and shrimp brought in the night previous from the Gulf.

Crawfish Festival

Hello, Gibson.

A fair amount of folks put on their masks and agreed to stay socially distanced to buy some grub to either eat at the Harbor at tables or take home. I had great fun greeting pooch Gibson after his owner told him it was OK and he jumped up and literally hugged me with his front paws when I crouched down. Gibson is ready for more social time, time.

Crawfish Festival

Home for lunch.

We purchased one pound of shrimp, price $25, and one bag of caramel kettle corn, price $7, to take home. The fest has always benefited Operation Northern Comfort.

, which builds desks for the Katrina-hit area with raised funds.

The shrimp was big and liberally seasoned. The kettle corn was fresh. Next year, we’re hoping to see some of the bands we love again.

12 thoughts on “Dialed back, it’s still Festival season

  1. Try to see the bright side of Covid.

    We have had to learn to entertain ourselves. 😦
    Make our own music, sing to our own made music, dance with a make believe partner. 😦
    Eat our own food. 😦


  2. i’m glad they’re still out there, even if in a smaller form. i know it’s something you both really enjoy and hopefully next year will be more normal )


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