Back on course

Golfing with KP

Go away, clouds.

Extra work a few days at the library this pay period allowed me to leave an hour early on Friday. When I advanced this news to KP mid-week and suggested a round of golf, he texted back “Big yes.”

I made it to Radisson Greens with 12 minutes to spare for our 3:36 tee time. KP celebrated a birthday recently, so it was my treat. I paid. He’d already pulled the cart next to the building and loaded his clubs.

I practice-putted a half-dozen rolls to warm up and to the first tee we went.

Golfing with KP

KP ready to go.

KP had honors from beating me our last round together in the fall.

Golfing with KP

I felt so good to start my season in single-digit April.

When we hit our good shots we were thrilled. KP hit more square and pure than I did. He’d been able to get three more rounds in previously. More free time than me, has he. Still, we were a handful of times able to pull out a statement we’ve shred over our many decades shared on courses here and there. Even-Steven. When a stinker came off the club, oh, well, it’s only April.

Soon again, we declared in the parking lot.

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