It’s hard to win them over when you’re New in Town


Imagine if you will having a quite comfy management job in Miami and then being told you’re being sent to a faraway factory to see if products can be realigned, union contracts can be adjusted, consumers’ tastes can be reconfigured … and if not, a whole bunch of people likely will be out of the job that’s put the bread on their table for, well, all their life.

Uncomfortable, you betcha.

Lucy Hill is confident she can handle it.

Then she gets off the plane in Minnesota. And drives across the frozen highways. Discovers how lacking her fashionable winter coat really is.

Her new assistant has a dinner planned at her family home. A townie is there and his eyes pop out of his beer-spotted head.

Now she’s uncomfortable.

Renee Zellweger makes the most out of this comedy directed by Jonas Elmer from a screenplay by Ken Rance and C. Jay Cox. It helps that the townie is played by Harry Connick Jr., and he ends up being the union boss she must work with at that factory.

Siobhan Fallon Hogan is solid as her assistant Blanche, J.K. Simmons is sturdy as line worker Stu and Frances Conroy does her thing as realtor-knows-everything Trudy.

How cold are you, really? (From

The movie came along in 2009, sure, but it’s a fun watch on Hoopla digital in this year of stay at home.

Their mutual discomforts and her gradual growth is AOK in this time when we do hope to meet in the middle.

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