Sylvie’s Love hits the right chords


Sylvie seems fairly satisfied with her life sitting behind the counter in her father’s pretty hip New York City music store, where she can harbor her hopes of somehow, some way fulfilling her dreams of finding a foothold in the TV production world.

That’s where her aspirations and knowledge lie, in what goes into and comes out of that black-and-white box, she imagines.

But in <em>Sylvie’s Love>/em> as directed and written notice by Eugene Ashe, there’s more than what she plainly sees. Her dad and his love of records and the sounds that spin from them has found its way into her soul, too, she realizes more and more when jazz sax man Robert walks into the store and her life.

She’s already engaged to a rather stuffy businessman who will provide for her financially, yes, but give her that skip to her step?

No, that she finds watching Robert perform on stage.

She arrives arm in arm with her cousin, but departs for a walk home with Robert.

You bet they fall.

Longing glances. (From

But life and happiness does not come easily as secrets are kept and mistakes are made.

Tessa Thompson and Nnmandi Asomugha play so well together in this 1950s period piece, stars with ample charm to carry this Amazon Prime film into living room hearts. The music is sweet, too.

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