She’s marvelous in I’m Your Woman, though quite unlike Mrs. Maisel


Until my dear wife Karen and I dove into <em>I’m Your Woman</em> on Amazon Prime, I’d only encountered the work of Rachel Brosnahan as <em>The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel</em>.

Sure, this tense crime drama set in the 1970s lives on the same streaming platform as the fabulous comedy that made Broshanan quite famous and brought her into my world.

That’s as far I’ll compare the two.

In fact, I’ll have to confess that Karen had to prod me. You do know who the lead is, she nudged too far into my spell as the woman fought to claim her bearings with baby Harry after her husband is nowhere to be found one night …

This is one heck of a tense drama. And after Karen poked me mentally, I looked hard into that face and said, oh, that Rachel Brosnahan.

Here she plays a housewife with a new baby thrown into a hectic learning curve of near isolation while her husband’s co-workers scramble to figure out what he has wrought, yes, and keep them safe.

Piece by piece, she figures out what a bad guy he must have been.

And she learns about herself as very interesting people teach her things she must know to survive.

Directed by Julia Hart from her screenplay with Jordan Horowitz, this is a compelling study in how people can change when they must.

Arinze Kene and Marsha Stephanie Blake also stand out as the couple who honor their roles to make sure Jean can make it in her new world.

Mrs. Maisel she isn’t, but this is an interesting two hours for sure.

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