Elisabeth and George go meet a tall one

A new friend.

My terrific daughter Elisabeth attached a photo along with her text. She and George went out to …

I looked twice. Not Syracuse’s Gifford Zoo. Not the State Fair with its goats.

Where oh where did she meet up with this small giraffe?

George buddies up, too.

They went to the place in Chittenango, The Wild. George cozied up to the fella, too.

No, they are not short, Elisabeth said.

I see. Two levels.

The animals are down below and the people are up above, she texted.


I’m glad the youngsters are going out while my dear wife Karen and I stay at home and keep our distances.

Eye to eye.

Ava and her new giraffe doll were on the same level back in Oneida, we saw in the last text.

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