It could happen to us, this Irresistible political race


Imagine if you will, a small mayoral race in the town of Deerlaken, Wisc., becoming so important to the Democrats trying to win with a crusty veteran and the Republicans attempting to hold the town with the folksy incumbent that it not only draws two campaign managers fresh off the 2016 presidential race but the eyes and hearts of America.

That’s the premise of <em>Irrestible</em>, the political satire directed and written by Jon Stewart, yes, the fellow well known to fans of this sort of thing for his late night work before he decided to call that hosting gig quits.

Steve Carell and Rose Byrne play the capital smarties, so in-the-know they that they don’t mind treating these Wisconsin towns people as if they are the ones who come from a different planet.

Indeed, eyebrows are raised as the hate the two out-of-towners carry from previous elections weigh down every move they make.

The fun part is supposed to be that the veteran and his daughter really are a lot wiser than they let on.

Making political hay. (From

And gee-whiz is never too far from what-the?

The overall political burn may have been more fun to appreciate if not for my timing of viewership, you know, what with the post 2020 election aftermath refusing to go away.

The twists and turns — no spoilers here — are pretty darn good, regardless.

4 thoughts on “It could happen to us, this Irresistible political race

  1. This sounds good but like you said regarding the timing…maybe I’ll earmark this one for sometime after Inauguration Day. I love Steve Carell. I missed this one entirely. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Stay warm out there bro!

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