Before they flip the switch

Not in my car and not the right tine.

A safe walk through the trails of Onondaga Lake Park during daylight hours certainly finds what cars later will drive past during the nighttime Lights on the Lake.

Can you imagine it?

The displays are quite festive even uncharged, I think as I use my iPhone 8.

At the Marina …

The park closes to walkers at 4:30, I’m told by signs. So I’m plotting how it will be dark enough for me to walk through at my work-close time of 4 until I have to leave to take photos of the lights while they’re on.

No, I do not want to drive through with the other ticketed celebrators of the holiday. Walking is the way to go.

6 thoughts on “Before they flip the switch

  1. Just be sure to wear bright clothing! Maybe one of those light up Christmas sweaters I’ve seen people wear. We need the scoop but not at the cost of your safety! Take good care bro!


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