Hello, autumn sunrise


Rushing to get to work for my 8:30 a.m. weekdays library shift?

No, I leave early enough to get there with time to spare. I was able to take my iPhone 8 out of my pocket and take a photo of the rising sun just-so between the backyard trees and the side alcove before I get into my car.

12 thoughts on “Hello, autumn sunrise

  1. I see you roses continue to bloom. Looks kind of chilly in the photo, but with the potential to warm up. Peaceful.
    I never leave with time to spare – I don’t know why I do that, my life would be less stressful for sure. Then I could stop and take pretty photos of the day waking up, like you do!


    • I generally leave a cushion because I do not like to rush around SD. And I like to take photos when I find them, yes!
      The roses are finally making their last stand as it gets a bit colder and the days are shorter, I hate to say.

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