I know I can catch a lobster at Sesuit Harbor Cafe

Still busy.

The line outside our beloved, charming Cape Cod getaway lobster haven Sesuit Harbor Cafe looked very long.

Anticipation …

But of course, everybody was spaced six feet apart.

Whaddya want?

Once inside the ordering room, the usually bustling central spot was practically empty.

We were No. 8.

After placing your request and laying, outside you sent to find a spot among the spread out Waterfront picnic tables.

My 1 1/4 pound boiled lobster yielded plenty of tender, sweet meat.

My dear wife Karen’s piled-high lobster roll made her plenty happy.

We both savored our crisp fries and superb cole slaw.

15 thoughts on “I know I can catch a lobster at Sesuit Harbor Cafe

  1. The restraint it must have taken to photograph these delicious plates before devouring! Thank you for pausing before the feast to give us a glimpse! Looks incredible with perfect views. Well done, bro!


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