There are no whales in the Chatham park in September

Up high, a duck from the store?

One missing species from our shift of our annual Cape Cod getaway from June to September this year was the absence of the whale art festival in the Chatham park.

Right for this year.

My dear wife Karen and I found our ducks instead, inside the rubber duckie store and even one perched outside on a roof.

Different stages.

It looked as if the town library was not yet letting anyone inside its doors, but was communicating its message to oatrons clearly.

Looking ahead.

The walk was relaxing for us.

3 thoughts on “There are no whales in the Chatham park in September

  1. I love the duck you captured on the roof! That’s hilarious! Although the public library is closed people still gather there. Something special about libraries. Happy Friday, Bro!


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