A shameless plug for the Red Nun

I would declare that my dear wife Karen and I can call the Red Nun our place in Cape Cod.

Let me share the reasons why we feel so comfortable at this bar/restaurant:

We can walk there from the lovely cottage in, oh, two or three minutes.

Not the brand on the glass.

And, more importantly, walk back after a couple of pints of our favorite Wachusetts blueberry ale.

Smart setup.

The layout, with high tops pressed next to the bar and spaced at least six feet apart, feels safely distanced. The paper covering  placed and pulled for each customer seating earns a thumbs-up, too.

We know the names of two bartenders, Jack and Paul, and they like to talk to us over the bar from a safe distance.

Jack put the Syracuse -North Carolina football game on the big screen, a relief to us because our happy rental house’s cable package did not include the ACc Network.

Shrimp with tortellini and chili sauce.

Fish and chips.

And they serve food like these dishes above, my shrimp special of the day and Karen’s menu-staple crispy fish.

Yup. Everything we need while on vacation.

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