Listen in the rain

Flipping nice.

The house on one side that had been rented out since we’ve moved in was purchased in the spring.

I talked to the guy who seemed to be in charge of all the work being done since, and he disclosed that he’s working a flip.

The new tin roof looks pretty cool.

New look from the front.

Yes, we can hear it when it rains. I can imagine what it will sound like inside for the new owners. Maybe we’ll get to hear it one day when the house is purchased and the virus crisis is thwarted.

10 thoughts on “Listen in the rain

  1. I love a tin roof! Hoping to get one on here at the LakeHouse soon.

    And I agree with Sandra… the musical band the B 52’s said it perfectly…
    “Tin Roof-Rusted!”


  2. Maybe the metal roof is starting to catch on up north. They are very popular in some areas of the country, including where I live in the North Georgia mountains. We’ve had ours about 18 years now and it looks just as good as when it was first put on our new home. I prefer it over shingles now by far. The rain isn’t noisy on it, not like a metal sound, it’s pleasant to hear. Not all that much different than a regular roof.

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  3. cool! like you, i imagine it would sound pretty cool from the inside. when you meet your new neighbors, maybe they’ll invite you over for a listen –


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