Take your pick

This all can be yours.

During a recent walk around the blocks, my dear wife Karen and I noticed an interesting spread.

No sign.

We were left to imagine what was what.

We did not take anything with us.

8 thoughts on “Take your pick

  1. I hope that was on someone’s driveway and not in the middle of the street or a parking lot. I’m sure the little girls who abandoned their teddy bear picnic will come back at some point to pick up (or their mother will). Nice photo, Mark – definitely makes you think about the story behind it.


  2. I love that you snapped a shot of this so we can all try to guess how these things go together. After they moved into their new home (Welcome Friends sign) little baby April, wearing her Easter hat, raised her pint glass in the air from her blue baby Bumbo chair to share a toast. From there it gets confusing. Take care Mark!


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