Hamilton lives up to all of that jazz

(From IMDb.com)

Add Hamilton to my list of waited-too-long to discover.

My good friend KP told me years ago how he listened to the soundtrack in his car.

I read about the merging of rap and Broadway, raised an eyebrow and … didn’t buy the music, or try to get down to Broadway or …

Love, really. (From IMDb.com)

Then I promised my dear wife Karen that I’d subscribe to Disney+ so she could finally watch the movie version of the musical the first weekend it became available.

To thoroughly prepare, we watched a pretty cool “making-of” documentary that was available on Amazon Prime beforehand.

And then I was mesmerized for 2 1/2 hours.

Oh, yes, Lin-Manuel-Miranda, your genius with this history-on-stage is bonafide.

The rap sings. The singing was glorious. The history lesson sank in fantastically and realistically.

No wonder generations are Hamilton buffs.

I also appreciated that this terrific original cast includes Christopher Jackson as George Washington. I know him from enjoying his role on CBS drama Bull. And then I also spied Okierete Onaodowan, a firefighter on ABC’s Station 19. Fellows can sing!
I loved the whole cast, really, especially Hamilton’s wife and her sister, portrayed so lovingly by Phillips Soo and Renee Elise Goldsberry.

Yes, count me in.

12 thoughts on “Hamilton lives up to all of that jazz

  1. I love Lin Manuel Miranda and can hardly wait any longer to see this. Not sure if it’s too mature for Oliva just yet which is the only reason we hesitate. We just saw him in Mary Poppins, she loved that one! Glad to hear you enjoyed this. I hope you’re doing well Mark!


  2. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on long car rides for a few years since it came out and loving it, but this was also my first time viewing the entire show. Just like Beth above wrote, I watched with subtitles (closed caption) and reading along emphasizes how clever the lyrics are. If you haven’t yet, get the soundtrack recording of Miranda’s other work In The Heights. What fun!


  3. I loved loved it! way beyond my expectations. Renee Goldsberry,who played her sister Angelica, went to the school where I now teach, and began theater at our summer drama camp as an elementary student. That almost makes me connected, but alas, I can’t take a stick of credit. I did assistant-direct the camp for a few summers, so at least we possibly stood on the same stage, though years apart. ) The voices were stunning, and it was so well executed. I watched it with my daughter and grandchildren who all love it and know the soundtrack. I used subtitles so I didn’t miss a word. brilliant!


  4. I’m glad you finally discovered the joys of Hamilton, my friend. Hamilton’s wife Eliza is played by Phillipa Soo. She is my favorite singer among many, many wonderful singers. Jasmine Cephas Jones plays the youngest Schuyler sister, Peggy, and also Maria Reynolds in the second act.


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