Who’s looking at all my posts? And why?

That’s too much, Bob.

I noticed a tremendous uptick in my blog stats just a bit ago.

It went from a slow spring-to-summer to what-the-heck in one day.

And stayed way higher than usual since.

I’m trying to figure out why.

Lots of Jits are going to my home page. And then they are spreading out to many, many posts. Old posts. Multiple hits. Day by day. Sometimes the same amount on each post. No comments left.

Has this happened to anybody else out there in WordPress land?

Paranoid me wonders if somebody out there is gathering my photos or info for ill reason. The things from my life. Not theirs.

Is it ‘bots? Snoops? Scammers?

One more thing to fret about?

18 thoughts on “Who’s looking at all my posts? And why?

  1. I hope it’s nothing more than a spam bot trolling to drop marketing links in the comments section. I have noticed similar trends in the past. No comments left but maybe like Beth said, they were blocked or filtered out? Fingers crossed! Sending well wishes bro!


  2. I agree with Willow and Beth… have a live chat with WordPress… and check your Spam folder to see if it corresponds with your uptick.

    Good luck!


  3. it sounds like a bit of spam, the way it’s spreading out. look in your ‘comments’ section, then click on spam and see what you find. if you see receptive links with comments that don’t make sense and see an inordinate amount of them, you can block them.

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