A taste of vacation right here


My dear wife Karen usually partake in our first pina colada of the season in Cape Cod.

Ah, but that week in 2020 was pushed from June to a month later in the summer season, what with the virus.

We could not wait that long.

The Retreat in the Village of Liverpool was happy to oblige.

Different glass, same joy.

Our second and final round game in a Stella Artois glass, my dear wife was quick to note.

No matter to us.

Summer happiness, yes, socially distanced on the patio.

12 thoughts on “A taste of vacation right here

  1. Every weekend, whether we went somewhere or stayed home, I would say we were on vacation. From Friday afternoon until MOnday morning. It felt good. 🙂 happy mini-vacation moments MBM and DWK.


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