May the Fourth be good to you

She waves.

In this tumultuous time, July Fourth takes on a different tone.

Living with the virus all around us. Civil unrest for deep-seated unbalanced racial foundations. A country divided over mask-wearing, our leadership and so much more.

Yet I still take the trip across my street for a photo of the waving flag for July Fourth.

May we find our path to a true togetherness. Be safe and be well.

15 thoughts on “May the Fourth be good to you

  1. Mark, it shows you how unsettled we are here, personally: Geoffrey forgot to put up our big, hand-sewn American flag this past weekend. He has never forgotten a previous holiday even once. All summer long from Memorial to Labor Days, that flag was up, lit and honored. This weekend, we huddled indoors, stared at the backyard pool — water and floats only, no family, no friends — and reflected on where this country is and is headed. We are nervous but hopeful. Blessings to you and Karen and all those you love.


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